Emad Badawi is a holder of a Master of Science Degree in Technology Management from Stevens Institute of Technology – 2011.
And Dual Bachelors of Science Degrees in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering Technology from Devry University – 2007 

Mr Badawi began his career in 2006 at UPS Strategic Package Logistics and Operations Hub located in Edison, NJ, USA.
As a Communication Supervisor he was responsible to manage, repair and re-program wireless handheld package scanning equipment. 

In 2007 upon graduation with 4.0 GPA, Emad was able to join GE Healthcare as an Ultrasound Field Service Engineer, New York, USA. He always wanted to work in design, but all R&D facilities in USA are located in the Midwest and Western states. He decided to let go searching for his dream job to stay around the Tri-States area.

In 2009 He was selected to lead the Ultrasound Service Team for the state of New York, and in 2012 he was appointed to manage Mount Sinai account as Senior Program Coordinator. At that time, Mount Sinai was an annual five million dollar strategic account, with 21,000 assets to manage. Emad was one of the few engineers who were assigned to implement GEs’ All-New “AgileTrac” technology on the premises.

With strong proven cross-functional leadership records, in 2014 Mr Badawi was assigned Lead Program Integrator in Qatar where leadership, culture awareness, business operations and delivery have all fallen into place as GE partnered with QSTP to develop new innovative technologies. 

Emad is one of the most dedicated and passionate volunteers with INJAZ. Here is his advice to the younger generations, in his own words:

-    Work as hard as possible during schools’ years. Understand your subjects well, but be aware that real life work experience has nothing to do with what you have learned
-    When out of school, don’t fight so hard for a head start. All you need to do then is to enjoy your twenties because sooner or later you will be overwhelmed with “LIFE”
-    Never be afraid to take the leap of faith when you have no idea where or when you will be landing. Just make sure to never cut corners and always do the right thing 
Lastly… GIVE BACK. Volunteering, coaching and sharing knowledge have been the main pillars of my personal success. With the right personality tools each and every individual can propagate throughout his/her audiences causing an amazing “positive” impact. And I cannot “Thank” INJAZ Qatar enough for giving me and many others the opportunity to reach out to the younger generations in Qatar